A Bit of Bali Adventures and Merry Christmas!!! – #4

dearest friends,
hope you are all well!

i was starting to think that perhaps i won’t write any more ‘reports’. when you first move to a new country, everything is interesting, fascinating, strange.. and you are learning so much! you are also unlearning quite a lot (like expecting people to be on time, relying on google maps or shopping for clothes and shoes in this particular case ;-). as the time goes by, things get kind of ordinary and not so exciting any longer. i thought i have reached that point – and didn’t want to bore you!

Cat on the hot tin roof
warning warning! i certainly shouldn’t complain (not even in my mind) that our life is getting boring!!! fairly speedy succession of an earthquake, attack of flying ants, visit of spitting cobra and mysterious deadly smell in the house have all proven me wrong!

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