Caught in the Bali Web – #12

my dear friends,

hope you are well. 

life in bali is peaceful and intense at the same time, as usual. dogs bark, pigs go for a walk and it’s durian season. those of you who know durian you don’t need any explanation. if you like it i admire you, as it is described as king of all fruits with a heavenly taste – but – i haven’t managed to try it yet. for those of you who don’t know durian.. what to say? the fruit is either a huge favourite or absolute no-no and the stench is incredible. at the moment you can smell it everywhere – on the streets, in supermarkets, driving down the road (even if your windows are up!!).. it has this weird quality of staying stuck in your nose so you can still smell it when there is no durian around! i guess i’ll have to stay here a bit longer to muster the courage to taste it. at the same time it’s mangosteen and rambutan season and i’m a happy consumer of both. this island is so abundant and there is always so much to try.

on a mission – guess where to. it’s not what you think! photo courtesy of ria mustaquim

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