Garbage, Rain and Happiness – #11

hello from the island,

where the rainy season is at its fullest and it rains as i have never experienced it before. the noise is so loud that we don’t hear each other, everything is even damper than usually, washing never seems to dry, roof is leaking and the swimming pool is overflowing. some parts of the island were hit by floods and landslides, my kindle went mouldy (can you imagine that?!?) and i have experienced the rare moment of pure bliss while doing my practice on our porch – under the roof but so close to the raging storm i felt part of it.  i love the rain – not sure if that’s due to 8 years in the desert or because i don’t feel guilty doing nothing while the nature is going wild.. apart from the beauty of the rain we are hit by another yearly ‘natural phenomenon’ – garbage season. i didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when i saw this sign:

Balinese creativity at its worst

as i have said before, the situation is appalling. all the rubbish thrown into the forests, rivers, by the roads.. usually at least semi-hidden from us all is brought to light – and to the ocean – by the torrents of rain. it ends up at the beaches that are no longer beautiful. sad is not a word to describe it. we humans are such a disaster for this planet. Continue reading “Garbage, Rain and Happiness – #11”