Exploring and Celebrating – #13

sending love from the magical land to friends far and close (-;
after almost 3 weeks of spring break we have just sent the kids back to school.
everybody was looking forward to it – they are super happy to go back and see friends and i am super happy to have a peaceful morning!!! when thinking about what to do over this long holiday we came to realise that – as we smoothly transitioned from (long long time ago) 2 incomes no kids into no income 2 kids – local holiday is what we (and our wallet) needed! the decision was made and we have explored another of the 17.000 indonesian islands (a job for couple of life times to get trough them all) – magical nusa penida. the place is gorgeous – its (almost) unspoiled nature, especially the beaches, cliffs, ocean, mysterious cave shrines and friendly locals to practice my bahasa indonesia with. some of the tracks were quite deadly – i fancy myself fit but my ass was still hurting 3 days after the first descent down to the beach! the snorkelling was spectacular – turtles, sea snakes, blue starfish and much more.  getting to and from the island (on the public car ferry) was an adventure in its own right! it’s a never ending lesson in letting go of my conception of time, schedules, predictability.. as much as we enjoyed it there i was happy to step on civilised (aka balinese) soil again. i know i’m spoiled but i couldn’t wait to return to my (gecko infested and rather shabby) kitchen to cook my own food.. i even enjoyed it for a couple of days 😉 and to go out to eat some nice ‘clean’ food after a week of rather monotonous and oily nusa penida fare. last three days i was living off coconut biscuits.. so ordered 2 lunches immediately after i disembarked!
Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida
Nusa Penida Beach Life

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