Around Bali – #14

hello again from bali!

what’s new? it’s super super hot and no rain at all for a change, two kinds of termites arrived to munch on our house, it looks like the lice never left us and there was a small volcanic eruption few days ago.. i think that’s pretty much it!

(not) thinking about the meaning of life (-;

i feel like everybody was here in the last couple of weeks so maybe i don’t need to write anything? never-ending stream of visitors, friends, distant family members, friends of friends.. the island is full of tourists again, perhaps time to get out for a while. all this social life is killing me and recently i found myself going to bed at 8 pm.. pure exhaustion! anyway lovely to see you all (-; who’s next? if any of you are considering a move to an exotic location.. beware!!!

for those of you who are thinking of coming here and not sure where exactly to go, here are a few insights on travel (and of course a gross generalisation and entirely my opinion). distance of 30 km means nothing in europe. you can’t say the same in bali – the roads are narrow and were built when no one could have imagined the amount of traffic that is around today. people always go somewhere, ceremonies block the roads daily. that makes 2 most popular (from the green school parent perspective as the school is directly in the middle) towns in bali – ubud and canggu – seem to be much further from each other.

canggu beaches

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