Returns and Perks of Civilisation – #5

hello dear friends and happy new year!!!!
some news – or just scroll down to see a few pics!
last time you heard from us was in mid december – nothing extremely exciting happened since then. do not expect any cobra stories! we visited a beautiful place called sanak in the middle of bali – i can recommend it to everyone visiting bali. and –  on the way home we went to bali tree tops – family rope park. kids and dan do that kind of stuff every time they have an opportunity – but i have somehow managed to stay out of it until now. i either don’t go at all, or i am a photographer.. however this time there was no excuse as dan couldn’t do it due to an injury – i simply had to climb up to the tree tops and take all those zip lines and tarzan jumps and who knows what.. quite an exhilarating experience which i’m not sure i want to repeat anytime soon. anyway – if visiting bali, go for it!
Caught in the web

and.. we found the source of horrible smell.. after looking and looking and looking.. it was a dead gecko inside the a/c!!!
then there was some packing to do.. and get into the travel mode.
Road safety
visiting dubai after 6 months was cool. sitting in a cab, driving down sheik zayed road the first reaction was: the roads are too wide! funny how we can forget what had been part of our life for 8 years in a couple of months. bali roads are certainly much narrower.. even dan felt our lady in pink (dubai taxi lady) was driving at incredibly high speed and kept on pressing his foot on “break”. she hardly drove over 100. but you don’t do that in bali.
seeing our dear friends was the best part of the trip to dubai – thanks to all our amazing hostesses and hosts and their cats. barbecue in the desert, lunches and dinners with friends, first look at the incredibly interesting sustainable city of dubai.. worth the visit!
Back in desert
i have always had mixed feelings about coming to prague for christmas (and about christmas in general) – it’s super nice to be with family (who took great care of us!!!) and friends but.. somehow christmas boiled down to “simply too much” for me. too many pushy adverts, too many presents, too much food and drink.. too much of everything. we survived, with our sugar levels high and stomaches super full. i didn’t love the wet dark days – but when the whole city turned white on new year’s eve it was simply beautiful. skiing was fun and linda and dom loved being on the slopes again. they also loved the food and sweets part (-: thanks to all who made time to see us!
Winter beauty

i do not think i have mentioned bali lice problem – ok, all schools i know, no matter where in the world they are, do have lice from time to time. bali however is slightly ‘specific’ – or let’s say worse. at any given moment, since kids started school in august, half of linda’s class (and many other classes) have had lice.  now i have prided myself very much that i managed (thanks to natural methods) to keep lola’s and dom’s head lice free. so you can imagine our shock when kids received an unasked for and rather annoying present on christmas day. in the middle of civilisation! as these lovely creatures didn’t carry passport, i have no idea whether their country of origin was bali, u.a.e. or czech republic (although i seriously doubt the latter as we only arrived to prague on 23rd). i have read somewhere that every year you should travel to a country you have never been before. you should also do a thing you have never done before. honestly i though my never done before thing was that rope park (and tarzan jump!!!) in the middle of bali jungle but apparently i must have missed to do something new in previous years.. as this year’s lesson was in “how to remove nits and lice from your kids’ hair). now i have a new skill which might come in handy! so if you need help.. no no, just kidding. is your head itchy?

Beware of lice – Linda’s sign on our Prague door (-;
in january we returned to bali, really enjoying the beauty of our place, the great school that doesn’t stop to amaze us and warm weather even more than before. it’s good to leave sometimes.. so that you can really appreciate what you have! we also visited a beach which was covered (and by covered i mean totally covered) by plastic. hundreds and hundreds of meters of plastic layer.. flip-flops, straws, styrofoam..  i have heard about it but never seen it myself until now. it was a very sad sight and i feel quite hopeless )-;
at the moment it looks like my peaceful days are over – or better to say lazy days are over. long time ago i signed up for a yoga training.. and suddenly it’s here – starting at the beginning of february. lot of homework to be completed before the start, so i’m buried in my oh so favourite anatomy and other yoga stuff.  on top of that we have decided to foster 2 tiny puppies. life is crazy ever since they (temporarily!!!!) joined our household. i feel i spent hours just watching them – preventing them from eating poisonous plants, from falling into a pond, eating dom’s trainers or pooping on our porch.. or i must admit, watching them sleep! i really wonder, where those hours come from? i don’t feel i had couple of hours to spare before but they are suddenly here and i just watch the puppies.. time is a funny thing! misty and daisy are adorable bali dogs and were just 3 weeks old when abandoned and taken in by us. our beautiful cat is not sharing our delight at all. if you have any tips on puppy care please share (-; also any advice on how to be able to give them for adoption once they are big enough, vaccinated and sterilised would be much appreciated.. (-;
New babies
wishing you all peaceful days with puppies or without, have fun, love each other and let me know how are you doing!!!

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