Exploring and Celebrating – #13

sending love from the magical land to friends far and close (-;
after almost 3 weeks of spring break we have just sent the kids back to school.
everybody was looking forward to it – they are super happy to go back and see friends and i am super happy to have a peaceful morning!!! when thinking about what to do over this long holiday we came to realise that – as we smoothly transitioned from (long long time ago) 2 incomes no kids into no income 2 kids – local holiday is what we (and our wallet) needed! the decision was made and we have explored another of the 17.000 indonesian islands (a job for couple of life times to get trough them all) – magical nusa penida. the place is gorgeous – its (almost) unspoiled nature, especially the beaches, cliffs, ocean, mysterious cave shrines and friendly locals to practice my bahasa indonesia with. some of the tracks were quite deadly – i fancy myself fit but my ass was still hurting 3 days after the first descent down to the beach! the snorkelling was spectacular – turtles, sea snakes, blue starfish and much more.  getting to and from the island (on the public car ferry) was an adventure in its own right! it’s a never ending lesson in letting go of my conception of time, schedules, predictability.. as much as we enjoyed it there i was happy to step on civilised (aka balinese) soil again. i know i’m spoiled but i couldn’t wait to return to my (gecko infested and rather shabby) kitchen to cook my own food.. i even enjoyed it for a couple of days 😉 and to go out to eat some nice ‘clean’ food after a week of rather monotonous and oily nusa penida fare. last three days i was living off coconut biscuits.. so ordered 2 lunches immediately after i disembarked!
Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida
Nusa Penida Beach Life

it would not be bali if something wasn’t waiting for us upon our return – i think the pic speaks for itself:

Little Surprise
it was not a storm that caused the chaos – it was a planned removal of old roof and installation of new roof – which should have taken place while we were away but somehow only started the day before we were to return. i can’t even claim i was surprised! the work is still going on as there were some ceremonies and weddings our workers had to participate in thrown into the mix. but i must say i’m enjoying the work, smell of freshly cut alang-alang grass, the incredibly skilled guys climbing roofs in a totally relaxed manner, great craftsmen that i must admire.
Work in Progress
recently we celebrated balinese new year 1940 – with scary and colourful ogoh-ogoh parade on the new year’s eve and with the day of silence on the actual new year’s day. if you want to know more you can check my last year’s post – May 2017. nyepi, the balinese new year, is a day reserved for self-reflection and meditation and anything that might interfere with that purpose is restricted – no fire/electricity, no working, no travel, no entertainment. the airport is closed for 24 hours and streets are empty. nobody is checking what’s going on inside the homes but this year it was slightly different – the internet was disconnected for a day across bali. without trying to judge what’s right and what’s wrong it was another opportunity to observe how people (including myself of course) think and react. some went ballistic, some didn’t care at all. for me it was quite fascinating to see how simple it is to press the button.. and we are all hopeless!
Ogoh-ogoh Parade
another celebration took place couple of days ago –  tumpek landep – a ceremony held in bali every 6 months to honour metallic and sharp objects. originally held to bless personal weapons (kris) – as a sign of our devotion to god who has bestowed these weapons that help us in our daily life – the blessing is now extended to all machinery that serves humans.  you can see beautifully decorated cars, motorbikes, boats etc. as to everything in bali there is another layer to this ceremony – to revitalise the magical powers of the metallic tools and to sharpen people’s minds and hearts, as they are the ultimate users of technology. by doing so, people are expected to fight against misery, darkness and ignorance and choose what is good and bad.
nice reminder to everyone, wouldn’t you think so?
My Blessed Bike

back to the family – our beautiful linda decided to take her love for ocean further and became a certified open-water diver. i really admire her, especially because i do not put my head under water.. ever.

Under the Sea

the rainy season is over and the heat is on. guess what happens to your art supplies in tropics? they melt and you are left with empty ‘shells’..

as our volcano seems to be somehow calmer the tourist numbers surged and i have managed to see quite a few of you! it was great – whether you came from barcelona, dubai, prague.. or anywhere else. and more to come! with friends and acquaintances flocking here i keep getting very inspirational questions from some of you.. in the realm of “and – what exactly is it that you are doing all day while living in bali?” it does sound even better in czech – “a co ty jako cely den delas?” thank you guys for leading me on my self-inquiry journey with so much care.. (-; to answer some of you i have looked at my life with critical eyes and came to realise that i actually spend an enormous time answering incessant questions from people i never met who want to come to bali – for holiday, for yoga, to move here.. don’t get me wrong – i love being helpful and i’m happy to share my knowledge of this beautiful place with others – especially people i love – but answering questions like “shall we bring raincoats?” tends to get on my nerves slightly. so please don’t be surprised when you send someone you just met my way – i might start charging for my deeply enlightening answers!!! or ask me GOOD questions that make me think (-; of course i do other things here as well.. let me continue another time.
lots of love!!!!

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  1. DearJarka …. you are such an inspiration with your transparency and simplicity… thank you for sharing your beautiful life journey .
    you might not have the courage to put your head into the sea? but you are a VERY strong … determined and courageous woman/mother to decide moving with your family to Bali and allowing your kids to have this enlightening life .
    By the way I thought of referring few people to you before their first visit to Bali then I decided not too to save you from those “ teasing questions “??

    Lots and lots of love ❤️

    1. nouha!!! you are my forever inspiration with the brave changes you took in your life.. and the miracles you got in return ((-; miss you, lots of love xx

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