Returns and Perks of Civilisation – #5

hello dear friends and happy new year!!!!
some news – or just scroll down to see a few pics!
last time you heard from us was in mid december – nothing extremely exciting happened since then. do not expect any cobra stories! we visited a beautiful place called sanak in the middle of bali – i can recommend it to everyone visiting bali. and –  on the way home we went to bali tree tops – family rope park. kids and dan do that kind of stuff every time they have an opportunity – but i have somehow managed to stay out of it until now. i either don’t go at all, or i am a photographer.. however this time there was no excuse as dan couldn’t do it due to an injury – i simply had to climb up to the tree tops and take all those zip lines and tarzan jumps and who knows what.. quite an exhilarating experience which i’m not sure i want to repeat anytime soon. anyway – if visiting bali, go for it!
Caught in the web

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A Bit of Bali Adventures and Merry Christmas!!! – #4

dearest friends,
hope you are all well!

i was starting to think that perhaps i won’t write any more ‘reports’. when you first move to a new country, everything is interesting, fascinating, strange.. and you are learning so much! you are also unlearning quite a lot (like expecting people to be on time, relying on google maps or shopping for clothes and shoes in this particular case ;-). as the time goes by, things get kind of ordinary and not so exciting any longer. i thought i have reached that point – and didn’t want to bore you!

Cat on the hot tin roof
warning warning! i certainly shouldn’t complain (not even in my mind) that our life is getting boring!!! fairly speedy succession of an earthquake, attack of flying ants, visit of spitting cobra and mysterious deadly smell in the house have all proven me wrong!

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Little Pieces of Bali Life – #2

hello everyone,
can’t believe it has been 6 weeks since we arrived! we had 5 great (and sometimes rather surprising) weeks in bali and 1 week in gili air – tiny island 1.5 hours away by speed boat.
Gili Paradise
Gili Paradise
so far bali has been pretty good – what a generous place! it’s beautiful and it’s filthy… it’s calm and relaxed and crazy and frustrating at the same time…

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Prague – Dubai – Prague – Bali – #1

dear friends – leaving behind 3 countries and living in my 4th makes it difficult to keep up with friends and family – so this is to all of you who haven’t heard from me for a while. for those of you who are busy, here is the short version: we left dubai in june, spent some time in my husband’s home town of prague, czech republic and in august have moved to our new destination – bali, indonesia. we are all fine. so far ((-;

Few little bags
Few little bags

for those of you who don’t mind a bit of reading, here you go…

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